Querencia by Ashley, grade 7

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When Ashley was in was in seventh grade, she wrote an essay for school describing her experience with the Workshops and Magic Garden. She later shared a copy with Lynn...

A place where I feel most at home, or my querencia, is my art teacher's garden. I feel peaceful there and can let out my thoughts using a paintbrush or a pencil. A querencia is a place everyone needs to go when we're having a bad day or also when we are having a great day.

Lynn's garden is very close to my house so I am able to go there often. I'm usually there for two hours every Saturday. I'm there with some of my friends which makes the garden art class more exciting, however, we each work independently. When it's time to leave, I feel like the class has only just begun because I have so many more ideas to express.

The garden is tucked away off a quiet street. There, I can smell the incense of fresh flowers all around me. The large leaves on the sunflowers are as soft as a fleece blanket. The brightness of the different colors around me awakens me to a new world. I listen to the chirping of birds and the sound of the wind as I paint. I taste the sweetness of cherry tomatoes as I walk through the garden. I love to draw and paint nature, which is why the place is so special to me. Sometimes I arrive very excited or gloomy, but when I begin to paint I become relaxed and calm.

I come to Lynn's garden to paint and draw whatever I find appealing to me. I like to draw things I've never tried before because they are a challenge and I learn new things. When I am drawing, I observe things that I didn't notice before such as how most of the seeds in the center of a sunflower fall out. I also notice that every object has a shadow with a dark and a light side. As I observe these objects, I think about comparisons in nature, which helps me, when I'm writing.

This garden has a great effect on my life because I love to go there to draw and paint. I hope that someday I will grow a beautiful garden like Lynn's, but for now I grow my garden with paint. Giving away my paintings is a way I can share my garden with others. Her garden is a garden of delight to me, which is how I feel when I'm there.


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