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Selected Quotes by Individuals

Querencia -- an essay by Ashley
   When Ashley was in seventh grade, she wrote an essay for school describing her experience with the Workshops and Magic Garden. She later shared a copy with Lynn, and it's here if you would like to read it.

Emily, age 15
   “I have been taking classes with Lynn since pre-kindergarten. Even at age 4, we were experimenting with real clay, making and cutting rubber stamps, painting garden scenes with watercolors, and bringing life from canvas, clay, and rubber, to wood and pressed plants. This summer, before my first year of high school, my mother and I took an acrylics course sitting among the sunflowers, raspberry bushes, herbs and vines sketching inspiration for what would later become painting on canvas . . . there is brilliance both in the teacher, in what the students study, and also the brilliance that Lynn brings out in the children.”

Michael J. Walker
Administrator, Old Colony Montessori School

   "The children love to work with Lynn. She encourages creative expression, while teaching age appropriate style and technique . . . Lynn is a highly respected, much appreciated member of the OCMS community.”

Christopher Ackerman,
Fmr. Academic Head, Old Colony Montessori School

   “Lynn has always been an encouraging, patient teacher. She is dedicated to helping draw out the artistic, expressive qualities of each and every child. Her students are encouraged to develop according to their individual preferences and capabilities, respected for each one's individuality and freedom to progress at his/her own pace -- cornerstones of the Montessori educational philosophy.”

Marie D. Tegeler
Fmr. elementary school principal, Weston Public Schools

    “Her [Lynn's] teaching style encourages the hesitant beginner and expands the talents of the more accomplished student.”

Dr. Michael Ruben
   “As a therapist working with children, I have often referred families to Lynn to help children develop confidence, new areas of strengths and assist with peer issues. More importantly, the very loving and warm and talented approach that Lynn provides makes all the difference . . . The workshops have been a gift that we treasure each Saturday.”

Ruthe Sholler
Elementary art teacher, Hingham Public Schools, and painter

   “The invitation to paint in your garden motivated me to produce a floral/foliage tapestry in water color . . . I'm unusually pleased with the results of my painting expedition to your magical garden . . . a place quite dear to my family!”

Joyce Traina, M.D.
    “Jocelyn was the third of my children to come under Lynn's influence! The most artistic of the three, she was stimulated and encouraged by Lynn's classes. Lynn was able to tap into her strengths, and was able to nourish the areas that needed help. Lynn provided Jocelyn with an insight into how to use many media and tools so that one skill could enhance another.”

Woody, age 7
    “I like to come to Lynn's because every year in her Magic Garden there is something new. I also like that Lynn teaches us a new thing every year.”

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Selected Quotes by the Press

The Boston Globe
“Flowers never quite seem the same after children spend time with Rizzotto. Neither do radishes, leaves, bees or anything else she asks students to draw in her creativity workshops.”

The Hingham Journal
    “Every summer, Rizzotto plants a field of sky-high sunflowers, in assorted colors and combinations of gold, yellow, burgundy and red, to help her teach the art of concentrated observations to her students . . .

    “Rizzotto is one of those rare individuals -- she is an inspired teacher who can practice what she preaches . . .

    “Her students spend a great deal of time outdoors studying the tiniest of things, like the arch of a leaf, the shape of a stamen or the angle of a petal, when learning the basic elements of art, such as line, shape, form and shadow.”

    In nomination for The Hingham Journal Citizen of the Year Award: “Lynn Rizzotto for her devotion to the creativity of children though art . . . ”

The Hingham Mariner
    “Rizzotto tries to show them that art is process more than product. She brings examples of work done by artists in their eighties or nineties to show the children that you can always learn a new way to do something or refine their technique.”

Sarah, age 11, as quoted in The Hingham Journal
    “I try and take as many courses as I can. It really takes my mind off things and helps me to unwind at the end of a day. I just love art and how I feel when I'm doing it.”

Teaching Art in a Garden Oasis
    Lynn is honored to be featured in the "Teachers' Room" of KidsGardening.com, a Web site of the nonprofit National Gardening Association. The NGA is a leader in garden-based education and interviewed Lynn about using her Magic Garden as a vehicle for teaching children. To read the piece, visit:

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